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In Stir U, we have some fun with the idea that to live your fantastic life, you need to be a student of life, so we offer a little food for thought. Stir U started as a nickname for “Stirville University,” but it also is where we hope to stir you, or as the kids might say, “stir u,” to make great choices, like (shameless plug alert:) delicious, all natural products from StirvilleTM. We’ll also post submissions of “What stirs you?”TM from friends and fans and suggest books and other products.

Drink globally, act locallyTM

Choosing local products – veggies, cheese, etc. grown locally – makes good sense. It’s fresh, efficient and supportive of your community, and it cuts out the middleman. But humans have also made amazing technological advancements that let us enjoy the best of other cultures and places, like spices that are often found in the far corners of the world. So “drink globally.”

“Act locally” because to achieve your dreams, you need to take action in your life, right in your own neck of the woods. And you have to take a lot of action consistently.

For some ideas on positive actions to take, check out Whole Living, which is related to Martha Stewart somehow. You can sign up for a daily email with inspiring challenges, such as "Re-Think That Diet Drink" because, "Researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine found that those who drink diet soda every day were found to have a 61 percent greater risk of stroke."

Charities That Stir Us

Charity Water strives to significantly cut down disease rates in the developing world by creating clean water sources, providing sanitation training, and promoting simple hand-washing stations. 100% of public donations go straight to water projects. Why? Read this article.

Another charity with similar goals: Water Aid

News That’s Funny To Print

Check out The Toilet Paper, where we got some stats on water bottles.

A Little Meditation

In a quiet place, sit still and close your eyes. Put your attention on your heart, and as you breathe, see a gentle light going in and out of your heart. Do this for a few minutes until you are comfortable with it. Then, with each breath out, see your heart light expand as a ball of light. With each breath in, let the light remain in your heart. When you see the light has expanded to fill your body, notice how it feels, and then feel that feeling for five minutes.

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