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StirvilleTM grew out of a quest to learn why we often resolve to change a habit or follow a dream but stop at the first challenge – before you even break in your new shoes! Some ideas that resonated are:

  • It’s easier to choose something that tastes delicious.
  • It’s easier to make better choices all day if you start first thing in the a.m.
  • It’s easier to achieve a goal if you put reminders where you’ll see them often, whether it’s our box by your toothbrush or sticky notes on the
    bathroom mirror.
  • Everything in moderation, especially moderation! Work out a little harder than you planned if you need to lose a few pounds, and celebrate like the (responsible) superstar you are! Don’t overdo the coffee, and choose Sahara Spice when you want delicious and no caffeine.
  • Common sense says that shipping water -- which you can get from your tap! -- and bottles/cans wastes resources that could go to good causes without much sacrifice on our part. Think outside the bottle.TM

These and other ideas inspired Sahara SpiceTM and Stir U, where StirvilleTM offers a little food for thought.

StirvilleTM’s mission is to delight, inspire, repeat:

  • Delight – delicious beverages and useful food for thought.
  • Inspire – ideas to help you imagine your fantastic life, feel it, create it, and live it.
  • Repeat – reminders that to do great things, you have do the big and little things well, again and again. Results require action taken consistently!

Cheers fromStirvilleTM!


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